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Innovative cabins for business -

If you have ever thought about moving your business to the streets or creating a mobile alternative to a traditional office space or a restaurant, you may be interested in ModernPavilion's offer. The company specialises in portable prefabricated buildings which work well for gastronomy, offices and various other services. These solutions are easy to make and can be erected in a short amount of time letting you and your employees get back to work as soon as possible. On their website you can find some of the exemplary projects they prepared for their clients.

Portable prefabricated buildings

These portable prefabricated buildings are resistant to wind, rain and snow, but also extreme temperatures thanks to their subpar elevation and insulation. The decision of how big is the cabin, what it looks like and what kind of additional equipment and installations are introduced is completely yours to make. Such product can serve as a warehouse, but it is also perfect for a food joint, an office or a gatehouse. This construction requires less paperwork - permits and others - which is why its popularity grows steadily.

ModernPavilion UK
Barker St, Newcastle-under-Lyme ST5 7HT Newcastle

Software outsourcing -

Software outsourcing from Poland, offered by CodeConcept, is a great way to obtain high-standard service and, at the same time, minimize the costs. They perfectly know all the most commonly used programming languages, such as Java, C++, Visual Basic and C#, in order to provide you with effective and infallible applications that will improve your business. It can be, for example, a project management system or a content aware routing monitor, as well as an entertaining game for smartphones and tablets.

CodeConcept Sp. z o.o.
Toszecka 101 44-100 Gliwice
32 230 02 90